Randle Unger
(310) 951-0327
Los Angeles, CA
Software Engineer & Manager, adept at designing and implementing innovative technology solutions
Scala, Kotlin, Java, JavaScript/Node.js, TypeScript, Python, SQL, Shell, R
Spring, Play Framework, Akka, Scalaz, Hibernate, Scio/Beam, JUnit, React, Express, Cypress
Linux, OSX, Docker, Heroku, Digital Ocean & other clouds:

Amazon AWS: EC2, S3, Route 53, Cloudfront, VPC, Lambda, Alexa, RDS, Redshift.

Google Cloud: BigTable, BigQuery, PubSub

Dataflow, Airflow, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, HBase, Hive, MapReduce, CouchDb, Memcached, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Nginx, Tomcat, JMeter, NPM, Webpack, Gulp, Maven, Gradle, SBT, Jenkins, CircleCI, Git
AdTech, E-commerce, Finance, APIs, Scalability/High Availability, SOA, Microservices, Big Data, Recommender Systems (ML/AI), IoT
Functional Programming, OOP, Reactive, Asynchronous, TDD
CDMT Aug 2017 - Current Owner
  • Consulted for Middesk.com as Scala expert. Used FP and OO techniques to create system allowing flexible, extensible parsing of business registration data across 50 states. Implemented testing framework, shortening development time and decreasing server costs. Used Scio big data framework to write Apache Beam jobs executed on Google Cloud Platform Dataflow to perform ETLs on BigQuery. Wrote DAGS to orchestrate jobs using Composer/Airflow. Managed data stored in GCS.
  • Led Engineering & Product teams for Assembled Brands during their engagement with outsourcing firm Pivotal.io. Developed a Business Process map enabling AB to create SOPs, standardize work across team members, and identify opportunities for automation. Created product roadmap defining next steps. Managed three engineers and two PMs to deliver a financial data collection tool automating reporting from Shopify and Quickbooks. Used OAuth to enable Shopify and Quickbooks apps to pull data from APIs, through RabbitMQ, to Postgres. Developed hiring plan and job descriptions for initial hires. Trained junior PM. Managed an Agile/Scrum process. Implemented CI/CD workflow from CircleCI to Heroku.
  • Consulted for VR advertising company Vertebrae. Set strategy for pivoting to an augmented reality advertising product in Javascript, Node.js, and Unity. Managed launch of AR ads for virtual-try-on sunglasses and hats. Managed mobile web in-browser ad launch for "Jigsaw" movie with Lionsgate and Atom tickets. Planned strategy for launching an AR ad SDK.
  • Acquired an ecommerce business selling bedding products through Amazon. Built out and trained staff on SOPs for managing PPC advertising and marketing.
Honey Nov 2016 - May 2017 Head of Product
  • Defined product roadmap by aligning the needs of CEO, COO, CTO, and department heads. Periodically presented roadmap progress and updates to all employees.
  • Managed five product managers and three designers to deliver five new products under tight deadlines.
  • Introduced Scrum process across four feature teams totaling 20 Engineers. Implemented Jira for issue tracking.
  • Identified weaknesses in our analytics package, gathered requirements, formulated consensus, and oversaw the implementation of Looker. Re-defined and tracked KPIs.
  • Refined operations process delivering 10-15% revenue uplift.
  • Presented roadmap to business partners at conference and integrated their feedback in the product.
  • Developed strategy documents which were shared with VCs as part of an investment pitch.
(Acquired by AOL)
May 2013 - Nov 2016 Senior Product Manager, Senior Developer
  • Engineering: Architected and specified major features and subsystems: Programmatic Bidder, RTB Exchange, Production Monitoring (Recommendations and APIs), Reporting API, Video Platform, Traffic Exchange, SDK.
    • Coordinated 12 remote and on-site developers across teams (back-end, front-end, ops, data, R&D) during implementation of the above.
    • Wrote code and consulted on development best practices, especially regarding Scala Language & Type System, Functional Programming, Design Patterns, APIs, TDD, and Monitoring.
    • Designed and managed API server cluster of over 100 nodes.
    • Designed caching solutions and performance optimizations/profiling by identifying and eliminating hotspots and bottlenecks.
    • Created and managed service level agreements (SLAs) for important partners.
    • Worked with tech operations team to provision new server roles, update DNS and CDN policies, and create new routing and Netscaler rules.
    • Used ELK stack for logging, monitoring, and alerting. Created Logstash parsing formats and Kibana dashboards.
    • Led junior test engineer in developing a testing strategy.
    • Designed refactoring strategies and led dev team to transition services from singleton services to testable design patterns via dependency injection and IOC. Introduced TDD.
    • Coached 5 junior engineers in testing, scala best practices, and functional programming.
    • Developed highly available distributed services using Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, MySQL, Postgresql, Scala, Scalaz, Akka, Scalatra, Tomcat and AWS.
    • Ranked within top 3 developers on the team by acquisition consultant Gayle Mcdowell.
  • Operations:
    • Analyzed operational metrics (impressions, clicks, CPC, margin, market depth, traffic acquisition costs, server costs) and implemented operational adjustments to optimize.
    • Modeled product pricing in Excel and in software algorithms for strategic refinement and automated bidding.
    • Monitored product performance, campaign delivery, revenue, and expenses on a per-partner basis.
    • Adjusted ad delivery to balance campaign delivery rate, CPC, and bid floor per device type and content vertical to optimize ad waterfall position and maximize revenue.
    • Created documentation, training materials, and product operation processes for account management team.
    • Held weekly account manager meeting to communicate and troubleshoot problems.
  • Product Management: Products: Recommender Systems, Programmatic Advertising, RTB marketplace, Video Recommendations, Web Traffic Optimization, APIs, Mobile Apps & SDKs, Tools.
    • Developed a programmatic advertising product which increased Gravity top-line revenue by over 15% YOY.
    • Identified the market opportunity and brought executives to consensus around the product strategy.
    • Provided a vision for the product and promoted that vision among supporting staff. Consistently praised for enhancing employee understanding of underlying systems.
    • Interviewed stakeholders and users to understand existing workflows.
    • Created personas, user stories, tech specs, and tickets. Prioritized stories, set milestones. Curated roadmap.
    • Developed market outlook, strategy documents, one-sheets, and press releases.
    • Identified KPIs and specified new metrics, reports, and APIs.
    • Built and managed onboarding and operations process.
    • Wire-framed and built out configuration and reporting interfaces and data storage back-ends.
    • Used Lean/Agile/Scrum methods to manage software development of new products and new features based on stakeholder collaboration.
    • Held quarterly meeting with executives to review product performance, road map, and opportunities.
  • Business Development: Recognized and managed growth opportunities. Created value via customer relationships.
    • As principal point of contact between Gravity and programmatic customers, identified opportunities, negotiated terms and pricing, and renegotiated as needed. Managed customer relationships netting over $5 million.
    • Created and managed market supply and demand for paid and unpaid exchange of web traffic.
    • Identified supply/demand gaps and worked with biz dev team to evaluate sales prospects to remediate gaps.
    • Attended industry events and conferences to develop industry relationships and create new opportunities.
    • Presented with team on-site and remote Sales pitches to CNN, Vibrant, WikiHow, Washington Post, Disney, Discovery Channel, Tribune.
    • Led exploratory data analysis with data analytics team to supplement sales pitch with relevant data.
    • Created slides and charts for pitch deck and customer quarterly business reviews.
    • Technical point of contact for largest partnerships: Disqus, Go90, O2.
    • Liaised with internal product & biz dev teams of parent companies (Aol and Verizon) to spot opportunities for collaboration.
    • Presented at quarterly business reviews for customers to discuss performance, gather new requirements and identify new opportunities.
  • Leadership: Acted as mentor, connector, and facilitator to align teams and individuals with organizational goals.
    • Successfully mentored and advised 3 junior team members how to transition careers from account management to product management roles.
    • Led four product team members in prioritization, sprint planning, and road-mapping.
    • Updated product management processes to implement best practices
    • Ambassador to remote offices and other AOL business units. Hosted visitors.
    • Ran a weekly testing focus group to improve unit testing and TDD practices.
    • Hosted weekly brown-bag lunches to foster cross-team communication and collaboration.
    • Instituted and ran bi-weekly beer club.
Skechers May 2010 - May 2013 Scala Architect, Web Developer
Implemented scalable web retail platform using high volume Scala/Akka/Play framework. Led team in transition from Java to Scala. Performed bytecode analysis to aid Java/Scala interop. Introduced functional programming concepts. Mentored junior team members. Educated team on Scala best practices. Designed REST APIs and coordinated their use with front end developers. Transitioned to CouchDb NoSQL data store for scalability and high availability. Implemented CouchDb map-reduce and indexing. Hands-on experience with REST, SOAP, XML, XSLT, MapReduce, jQuery.
Implemented and launched Skechers Rewards program. Coordinated with rewards program manager to turn requirements into tasks. Distributed and managed tasks among team members. Led development across front-end, back-end, data, and retail IT teams. Deployed system on-time and within scope, contributing to 75% YoY growth of online sales.
Cuadra Associates May 2006 - May 2010 Lead Java Developer
Lead developer of flagship product. Full stack development with Java, JavaScript, and jQuery on Tomcat.
Prior Experience 1997 - 2006 Available upon request
University of Virginia May 2004
B.A. Cognitive Science
Minor in Computer Science
Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary study of cognition & intelligence, uniting computer science, neuroscience, biopsychology, linguistics, and philosophy.
UVA is ranked #3 amongst public universities, following UC Berkeley and UCLA.